What I Wish I knew Before I Became Single Again

DATE: 6th-August-2022

By: Super User

1 year ago

Participants (Single, Married, Youth, Young, Elderly...) will learn from the experience of widows and widowers things that can be done to make their marriage or relationship better now that they have their spouse around and things they can do to alleviate issues they may face if the unexpected happen.

Speakers will share from experience what they would have done better if they knew it will happen so soon.

This webinar will provide practical tips on how to make marriages and relationships more enjoyable through learning from widows and widowers with respect to parental responsibility, finance, home management and impact on spiritual, social, and extended family relationship.

Join us to explore this topic and please invite your friends and families to join this free webinar.

Zoom Meeting Login Details:

Date/Time: Saturday, 06 August 2022 at 5 PM WAT

Meeting ID: 892 532 3944

Passcode: TBM

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