(Un)Intentional Parenting - Its Impact on Society

DATE: 30th-July-2021

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Parenting must be intentional, for it to achieve the desired positive impact on the society. Most of the social vices we see can be traced to the consequences of unintentional parenting. Parenting in the 21st century requires mutual understanding between you and your children. It is a highly rewarding service, if done well.

In a world of increasingly self-willed adolescent children, your own child can be an exception and a model worth emulating. This webinar will provide practical tips on how to make parenting less stressful, and how to raise responsible children for a better and peaceful society. Please join us and invite your friends and families to join this free webinar..

Meet the Speakers

Barine L. D. Gbosi

Mr. Barine Gbosi is the Founder and Coordinator, Just Men, a teaching ministry for men and he is actively mentoring young people since 2005, starting with FATE Foundation.

He was 700 Club Nigeria TV Host for 10 years and has served as a bi-vocational Pastor.

He is a child of God, a Husband – of one female wife! Father, Grandfather and an ordained Minister of the gospel.

He currently lives and works in the USA together with his wife, Mrs. Olubunmi Gbosi, They are blessed with children and grandchildren.

Olaide Okerinde

Mrs. Olaide Okerinde is a UK parenting licensed facilitator with a focus on parenting and relationships. She is a Family Counsellor, Career and Relationship Consultant and youth adviser to various organizations. She is passionate about equipping the youth and children (especially children with special needs) with the word of God.

She is a co-founder of The Barnabas Mission (thebarnabasmission.org), a Christian charity motivated by Christian compassion to enable family’s function according to God’s original intent and design through couples and family counselling. She is is an ordained minister of the gospel.

Meet the Webinar Moderator

Mrs. Opeyemi Ladeji is a partner with The Barnabas Mission, a not-for-profit organization focused on family welfare in Nigeria.

She is passionate about mentoring, counselling, and women empowerment and training. She enjoys teaching and is passionate about equipping children with the word of God. She is currently a teacher in the children's church where she worships and is an advocate for raising children up according to Biblical standards.

She is a parent to young adults.

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Your doing an amazing work for the next generation. More Grace to them team.

Great job, JB. I bless God for giving you this Vision and thank you for heeding the call. May God cause the ministry to prosper and glorify Himself through it. Amen.

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