Relationship Courses and Seminars...

Pre-Marriage Course

We seek to meet the needs of young adults intending to get married so they can make informed decisions before committing to this journey of a lifetime. We desire to walk with both the man and woman through courtship till the wedding day and see to the establishment of a successful marriage.

Marriage Course

In marriage, the training continues; the man and woman keep learning how to do things better and especially learning how to become ‘one’ despite being two separate entities. How can this be achieved? Come and find out how.

Conflict Resolution/Management in Relationships

Conflicts will arise in marriage due to a lot of factors but those conflicts do not need to lead to a crisis; they can be resolved. At TBM, we mediate in family disputes to ensure meaningful relationships and prevent breakdown of peaceful marriages. This is to avoid the undesirable effect on children in view of reducing situations wherein children become a nuisance to the society. Find out how.

Change Management for Widows/Widowers/Orphans

This category of people has this in common; they share the loss of a loved one. With the departure of a loved one comes its attendant pains, responsibilities, adjustments etc. There is the need to be armed with knowledge and be helped to adapt to this new lifestyle and position. Let’s help you.

Domestic Violence Awareness Seminar

Chances are you are either a direct or indirect victim of domestic violence or you know someone who is a victim; a relation, a neighbour, a friend, an acquaintance etc. Domestic violence ranges from verbal to emotional to physical (the most talked about). Let’s come together to create awareness and an avenue to speak up for the sufferers who are usually quiet about it.