Vacancy: Volunteer Family and Couple Counselors

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3 years ago

Volunteer Family and Couple Counselors

We are recruiting Volunteer Family and Couple Counselors. This role will be performed Part-Time and it is a volunteering position. It is suitable for Pastors, Counsellors, Retirees or Mature Married Persons who are passionate about family and couple ministry.

The incumbent will provide support. guidance and counseling on, family wellness, pre-marital and marital counseling, and parenting.

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I had benefitted greatly from the barnabas mission one on one counselling. This is an avenue for me to give back to the LORD.

Today,the institution of marriage/family is under serious threat and attack, more than ever before. If it must continue to stand and thrive,it requires all people of goodwill who knows its value and importance to rise up and support this NOBLE MISSION in whatever way they can. May the Lord help us.

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