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10 months ago

You talked about pausing a relationship if you are not sure that God approves it. In a situation where the brother still has interest in you, and you feel free with him even after stopping the relationship. What should the lady do? TT5 It is good that you have genuine intention to get it right from the beginning by seeking God’s will concerning your relationship with the brother. I think your courage to pause or cut off the relationship when you are not sure of God’s approval is commendable and worthy of emulation by other young Christians. When you said, ‘the brother still has interest in you and you feel free with him even after stopping the relationship’, it seems that you were formally in courtship and the brother is not in agreement with your decision to end the courtship, and therefore not willing to let go of you. Hence, he is still hopeful that you can possibly re-start your relationship with him. Since you are still ‘free’ with him, I sense you are still relating with him as you were before you took the decision to cut off. If this is correct, perhaps he is thinking you may change your mind. But if you have prayed and sought counsel from a qualified and godly counsellor and you are very sure it is not God’s will for you to marry him, I think you should avoid anything that can give the brother the impression that you are still in courtship. The decision on who to marry should not be taken in a hurry or outside God’s will. If you cut off from him because of pressure from other suitors or your family and friends, there may be need for you to pray more. Avoid anything that may be viewed as deception. If you are a child of God, you can trust God to lead you in all your ways and to give you a good gift (God has your best interest at heart). In Psalm 32:8 the Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you”. A marriage relationship needs a strong and firm foundation; a sure conviction upon which to build. Please, pray again, God will speak to you the way he speaks to you on other issues. Weigh all your options before concluding. What is your own take? Send in your comments/opinion.

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