Abnormal Teenage Anger

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Abnormal Teenage Anger What is considered a normal level of anger and aggression in teenagers? Most teenagers will experience certain levels of anger and aggression as they grow and mature. Anger and aggression, often rooted in frustration, can be fairly common in the early adolescence, and can be confrontational as these youngsters try to establish their independence. A great deal of the misbehavior during the teenage years is triggered by or aimed at the peer group, possibly due to peer pressure. The underlying goal of the misbehavior is either to get their peers’ attention, to impress them or to display, however misinterpreted or misunderstood, admirable qualities such as courage, independence or nonconformity. Because of their need to explore, question and challenge, anger with adults can be more frequent and intense than in younger kids. Younger teens often display a strong conviction that they are right and maybe even know more than the adults they engage in debate. This type of behavior, while frustrating, is not considered abnormal. The following link takes you to a page where you can read more: Read more

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