A Plea for Equal Training of our Children

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11 months ago

The occurrences in our world today gets one thinking about what went wrong in the upbringing of the male child. Generally, moral standards are decaying and people (male and female) seem to have lost the fear of God. However, the raging storm of sexual abuse from father to daughter, brother to sister and stranger to innocent passer by is becoming a cancer which we must address at the root. Where did we go wrong, could it be in the training of the male child? These issues bring the following questions to mind. ◾️She’s trained to be chaste and pure, is he? ◾️She’s trained to deny herself and put the needs and cares of others first, is he? ◾️She’s trained to love, nurture and show emotion, is he? ◾️She’s trained to bear burdens, going on bended knees, unburdening before her maker, is he? ◾️She’s trained to clean up and ensure the family is presentable, is he? ◾️She’s trained to ensure the children are brought up in the fear of the Lord, is he? ◾️She’s trained to be gentle and extremely considerate of the needs of others, is he? ◾️She’s trained to persevere in the face of struggles is he? ◾️She’s trained to be modest, resilient, patient, faithful, trust worthy, is he? Could it be that we scolded and sat over the girl child so much that we let the boys go scot free, treating them as husbands (Oko mi) even while they were still boys just because of their sex. Did we give the boys the respect of men, even though they did nothing to earn it. Are we the cause of the wildness, self- centeredness and lack of self- control we are now seeing in wanton display, especially in our dear country Nigeria? What do you think about this? Please enter your comments in the comment area below and let us discuss. Written by Adejumoke Akinbusoye

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Jumoke, You are right on point. We trained d girls and ignored d boys. Unfortunately those who trained their boys&girls have their boys marrying other girls while their own trained girls have have d spoilt boys to make do with. Isn't that why we have a lot of well brought girls not getting married because there are few good marriageable boys out there?

Culturally also, we tend to put value on boy child so, they are usually the apple of parents eyes. God bless him if he’s the only boy/ an only child. We parents tend to worship him. We have to wake up. Both boys n girls need that basic home training to make them grow up as responsible adults. God help parents, amen.

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