Recording: (Un)Intentional Parenting - Its Impact on Society

<h3><strong> Recording : TBM July 2021 - Unintentional and Intentional Parenting - Its Impact on Society</h3> <br><br> <a href="/images/TBM-July-2021-Webinar-Intentional-Parenting.pdf" target="_blank">Unintentional and Intentional Parenting - Its Impact on Society - Presentation Slides... Read more </a> <br><br> <p><h5>Play Video </h5></p> <br><br> <button type="button" class="btn btn-primary"> <video width="320" height="240" controls> <source src="/images/TBM-July-Webin......Read more
5 months ago
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(Un)Intentional Parenting - Its Impact on Society

Parenting must be intentional, for it to achieve the desired positive impact on the society. Most of the social vices we see can be traced to the consequences of unintentional parenting. Parenting in the 21st century requires mutual understanding between you and your children. It is a highly rewarding service, if done well. <br><br> In a world of increasingly self-willed adolescent children, your own child can be an exception and a model worth emulating. This webinar will provide practical......Read more
6 months ago
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Recording: TBM TV/Radio Outreach on Emerging Family & Relationship Issues

<h3><strong> Recording - TBM Radio Outreach : Emerging Family & Relationship Issues </h3> <br> <p><h5>Play Audio </h5></p> <br> <audio controls> <source src="/images/TBM TV and Radio Outreach Oluyole FM 08 June 2021.mp3" type="Audio/mp3"> <br><br> </audio><br> Audio: Emerging Family & Relationship Issues <br><br>...Read more
7 months ago
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Vacancy: Volunteer Mission Coordinator II

<br><br> <h3><strong> Volunteer Mission Coordinator. We are recruiting Volunteer Mission Coordinator.</h3> <br><br> This role will be performed Part-Time, and it is a volunteering position. It is suitable for a Pastor, Counsellor or Counsellor-in-training or a Retiree who is passionate about family and couple ministry. <br><br> <a href="/images/TBM - Volunteer Mission Coordinator.pdf" target="_blank">Read more</a> <br><br>...Read more
8 months ago
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