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Our counselling service is free of charge and is open to all people, regardless of age, social, religious or cultural background. We achieve this through; walk/drop in, referral and outreach services where we provide a range of support. If you are going through a difficult situation in your relationship or marriage, please Call us....Read more
2 months ago
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Is she confused?

You talked about pausing a relationship if you are not sure that God approves it. In a situation where the brother still has interest in you, and you feel free with him even after stopping the relationship. What should the lady do? TT5 It is good that you have genuine intention to get it right from the beginning by seeking God’s will concerning your relationship with the brother. I think your courage to pause or cut off the relationship when you are not sure of God’s approval is commendable......Read more
1 week ago
Posted by: TBM Admin

Is addiction to sexual activities really a big deal?

THEY ASKED: I wonder if addiction to sex and sexual activities before marriage is really a big deal! For a lady in a godly relationship with a brother who was once an addict to sex and sexual activities but has now received the life of Christ, how can the lady help his emotion while not hurting him? Especially if he wants to be open to the lady because he loves her, and the openness he wants is as much as sharing nakedness. OUR RESPONSE: It is commendable that the brother is open and......Read more
1 week ago
Posted by: The Barnabas Mission

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